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Business Process Automation

The goals of Business Process Automation (BPA)

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve operations and efficiency
Clockspring works with stakeholders to identify pain points and process breakdowns to identify
  • "what's wrong?" and
  • "what would make it better?"
Clockspring will present these results to senior management, providing them with a clear picture of current operations, highlighting areas where there is the need and the opportunity for improvement.

Enterprise Risk Management

Clockspring works with information security officers to identify

  • Key Risk Indicators
  • Security Control Compliance
  • Control test plans and compliance reports
  • A clear Plan of Action with appropriate Milestones to mitigate risk
Leverage industry standard risk assessment methodologies and standards to obtain a quantitative assessment of organizational risk.

Systems Integration

Clockspring works with data owners and consumers to identify disparate data sets available to the enterprise to provide

  • A single actionable data source from multiple systems of record
  • Key correlation points between data sources
  • Desired resultant aggregations
  • Enhanced operational metrics
Ensure that the most critical issues are being acted on appropriately.

Infrastructure Support

Clockspring delivers exceptional infrastructure support focusing on the following key areas:

  • Cloud Solutions
  • Virtualization
  • Operations

Clockspring infrastructure support professionals deliver proactive security solutions by continuously focusing on secure operations and configuration management best practices to deliver a robust, reliable, and secure operating environment.